our mission

We are on mission to redefine luxury.

We develop high-quality, unique designs at fair prices to empower and spark the creativity from our people, our customers and our community.

Welcome to our world

We are a young, fashion and 100% digital brand and we make jewelry to be worn everywhere, everyday!

Ah and most important, we find traditional jewelry OLD FASHION and INACCESSIBLE!

---------> With this in mind we created Kora Kora: to redefine luxury. <-------

All our pieces are made with precious metals and each piece is mindfully handcrafted in-house, giving it the long life it truly deserves. Our team goes above and beyond to find the fine materials that are worthy of your skin.

To make luxury accessible, we partnered with a well recognized factory in Brazil bringing them as one of the shareholders. This gave us a competitive advantage and the possibility to eliminate the high markups that the traditional fine jewelry industry is used to apply.

We’re proud to be a global brand, having HQ in Brazil, US and Canada and selling to more than 10 countries around the globe.

meet our designers

Our brand is built on the backbone of three iconic women; our designers and true artists Helga, Allana and Queenie. Our designs have been formulated from their years of perfecting the science of jewelry making.