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Cuban Panther Bracelet



Cuban Panther Bracelet:

The 8mm Crystal Cuban bracelet has a bold look with our panther logo iced out on the box clasp. Perfect alone or layered with a pendant/chain combo and can be worn at any time. This unisex bracelet is one of our best sellers having over than 800 crystals in the necklace laid individually by hand. 


18k Gold Plated Brass, 1-micron plating. 


S - 5.5 inch  |  M - 6.5 inch  |  L -  7.5 inch



Thank you for your interest in our brand. As a sustainable brand, we have made a conscious decision to make every item made to order and one of a kind.

We have prepared molds for all of our designs. As soon as we get an order, we notify the factory. During the first week, the products are cast, cut, and set with stones in the factory. The following week we conduct quality control, package the products, and ship them to our warehouse in America.

Made to order model drastically reduces the potential for wastage or surplus stock. We would like to be part of the world where consumers continue to advocate for a slower, more conscious model — one in which we wouldn't mind waiting weeks for delivery if it meant the jewelry was handmade with care in a sweatshop-free location.

All USA & Canada orders: Shipping Duration: 3-4 weeks